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Estate FAQs: Guidance and Answers to Your Questions

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Q. What is the home's market value?

A. We understand how important it is to know the value of the home you've inherited. As professionals with deep knowledge of the local real estate market, we analyze recent sales of comparable properties and consider factors such as the home's location, size, condition, and unique features to provide an accurate market valuation.


Q. Should we sell the home as-is or make improvements?

A. Every property is unique. After conducting a thorough inspection and analysis, we can advise whether it would be more beneficial to make certain improvements before selling or if it would be more advantageous to sell the home in its current condition.


Q. What are the tax implications of selling the home?

A. We recommend local tax professionals for comprehensive and personalized advice on inheritance and capital gains taxes.


Q. How long does it usually take to sell an inherited house?

A. The timeline for selling a house can vary depending on numerous factors. We can provide an estimate based on recent comparable sales and the current market conditions.


Q. What are the costs involved in selling the house?

A. Selling a home does involve costs such as closing costs and potential home preparation expenses. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of these costs so you can plan accordingly.


Q. Should we rent the house instead of selling it?

A. The decision to rent or sell depends on your personal financial goals and circumstances. We can provide information on the potential rental income and current local rental market conditions to help you make an informed decision.


Q. What's the best way to price this home?

A. Using our extensive experience and deep understanding of the local real estate market, we help you set a competitive price for the property. We aim to reflect the home's true market value while making it attractive to potential buyers.


Q. How do we plan on marketing the house?

A. We employ a comprehensive marketing approach that includes listing the property on top real estate websites, social media promotion, professional photography, and hosting open houses.


Q. What are the legal procedures we need to follow before selling the house?

A. The legal procedures can vary depending on the specifics of the will and local laws. While we can guide you through the general process, legal matters should be addressed with a lawyer or a legal professional.


Q. How should we handle the contents of the house?

A. Handling personal possessions left in the house can be dealt with in various ways. We can offer advice and connect you with professional services for estate sales, auctions, donations, or other options. We can also assist with staging the home.

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